Friday, December 6, 2013

From Motonation and SIDI to Kurt Caselli

You will forever remain in our memory, Kurt Caselli. Rest in peace.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

SeniorSIDIzen Boots Giveaway Contest!!!!

Are YOU a SeniorSIDIZen?! Do YOU have a pair of old, dirty SIDIs lying around in your closet? 


Motonation is hosting our first SIDI boots giveaway contest!

• Submit a picture of yourself holding the boots at this link
• LIKE the Motonation Facebook page and SHARE this post

• GRAND PRIZE- Winner receives a new pair of Agueda OR Street model Sidi boots!
• RUNNER UP- Winner receives a Motonation “Swag bag” (T-shirt, hat, stickers, and a 40% discount gift certificate good for any items in the Motonation collection!
• Winners will also be featured on our social media outlets along with their story!

* Must be a US or Canadian resident to apply
* Boots may be on-road or off road
* Contest open Nov. 8th – Dec 1st (12pm PST)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

AIME 2013!!!!!!

While setting up for AIME 2013, the Motonation guys have been running around snapping some pictures. HURRY AND JOIN US!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Ultimate Motorcycling Reviews SIDI Armada Gore-Tex Boots!

In their September/October 2013 Issue, Don Williams of Ultimate Motorcycling Magazine wrote a very favorable review of the SIDI Armada Gore-Tex Boots, designed to convert from adventuring to touring.

Williams was especially content with the option of the removable shin guard, which allows the boots to "transform", depending on the riding conditions the consumer is looking at.

"Sidi has expanded...with the Armada, which functions as an off-roadable boot that can be quickly converted into a touring boot with a few turns of a screwdriver."

Williams also mentioned Sidi's reputation for utility and comfort, both of which he felt were balanced nicely in the Armada.

"With more protection, you generally lose some feel. Happily, operating the brake and shift levers is no problem, as the top grain leather outer and honeycomb plastic talus guard is helpfully flexible."

Grab your pair here at

Friday, May 3, 2013

The force is strong with Forcefield!

Forcefield is making waves again overseas in Motorcycle News UK Magazine, Trail Bike and Enduro Magazine, and Road Racing Ireland Magazine! 

First up was the Forcefield Pro Shirt which offers great protection along with incredible comfort and air flow. The single front zip entry makes it a breeze to get into and out of. The BeCool material wicks moisture away and keeps the armor in place similar to other compression materials. It feels like you're wearing nothin' at all! (Stupid sexy Flanders!)

Next up we had a quick note on the new Pro Back Insert shaped to fit into Rukka jackets. These inserts use Forcefield's exclusive Nitrex Evo material to meet the Level 2 CE protection standard. They're "drop in" easy, and once warmed up to body temperature  they mould to your shape and provide top level protection and unmatched comfort!

Last but not least, the Forcefield Pro L2K Back Protector featured in Road Racing Ireland. Constructed of the same Nitrex Evo as is found in the Pro Shirt and Pro Back Insert, this back protector offers a Level 2 CE protection rating and won't make you feel like you've got a turtle shell on your back! Stitched together with Kevlar fabric, this back protector will keep you safe for years to come.

SIDI Trials boot mentioned in Motorcycle Consumer News!

Trials riding is a very technical sport, and it demands specialized gear! Sidi has made a trials specific boot for years, but due to low demand in the US, we have never brought the boot stateside. Well, don't say we don't listen to our customers because the Sidi Trial Zero boot is now currently in stock and available! It's got a gummy lug sole, a very flexible top grain/split grain/lorica construction and 3 strap closure system for a less restrictive feel. Pick up a copy of the May edition Motorcycle Consumer News for more trials riding info!

Inside Moto X and Off Road featured the Vemar VRX9 helmet and SIDI Crossfire 2 SR boot!

Our friends north of the border offered up a couple great reviews of a couple new products from Vemar and Sidi!

First up was the Vemar VRX9 helmet! As with most people who've tried it, he was surprised by the lightness and air flow, which were the main design focuses for this new helmet from Vemar. Check it out at your local shop, or ask your dealer why they don't have this great lid in stock to compare!

Next up, Inside Moto X reviewed the new SIDI Crossfire 2 SR. The previous Crossfire boot was a tough one to beat, but only Sidi could come up something just a bit better. One of the most important features is something you wouldn't even notice. They used much less stitching on this boot compared with the old style which reduces weight and potential points of failure. Leave it to Sidi to be the only company who could come up with a better boot!

SIDI Blade boots in Cafe Racer Magazine!

SIDI Blade Boots were featured in the April/May issue of Cafe Racer! These shorty boots fit well under your cuffed denim pants, but still offer superior protection compared to regular sneakers. The reserved styling hides some great protection features such as the removable toe slider, reinforced heel cup and fiberglass insole. Large cooling vents on the side will keep the air flowing while you're going ton-up! Grab a copy of Cafe Racer for more great reviews and tips!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Kurt Caselli's Sidi Crossfire 2 Boots From Dakar

Kurt Caselli stopped by the Motonation offices the other day and brought with him the Sidi Crossfire 2 SR boots he wore at this years Dakar Rally. What do your boots look like after 5,000 miles of the most insane and technically challenging off road courses in the world? And add on top of that these boots have an additional four days of pre-running in Baja Mexico on them as well! (remember those soles can be replaced as well with the turn of 17 screws and a spare 10 minutes of your time.)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Motocross Action Magazine + Sidi Crossfire 2 - 4/5 Star Review

The Sidi Crossfire 2 off road boots are featured in the MXA Team Tested segment of the March issue of Motocross Action magazine. What stands out about the Sidi Crossfire 2?

"They are an amazing engineering marvel, with tons of technology and forethought." 
"The low profile toe box makes shifting a breeze." 

"The Crossfire 2 is one of the lighter boots on the market..." 

"The four buckle system is foolproof" 
"Once properly adjusted, the Crossfire 2 SR's fit like a glove." 

"One of the greatest features of the Crossfire 2 SR is the replaceable soles. All it takes is a screwdriver to complete the task. Instead of waiting for your boots to be resoled by a cobbler, you'll be back on the back in no time." 

Shin Plate
 (plethora of replaceable parts.) 
"It 's not unthinkable that, given proper care, the Crossfire 2 SR could last many years." 

Dirt Wheels Magazine + Sidi Crossfire 2 and Vemar VRX9

The March issue of Dirt Wheels magazine features the new Sidi Crossfire 2 and the Vemar VRX9.

Dirt Wheels magazine hits the nail on the head with the Sidi Crossfire 2 boots being "trick." It is the only way Sidi designs their footwear. But behind that trick look is even more tricker...or more trick. Trickest! features on any boot on the market today. That is unless you are reading this post in the year 2020 and a boot manufacture happened to finally stumble across some ideas and will pass it off as their own, but done in a really unoriginal and shitty way. But hey, that is the game of manufacturing and design. For business people I guess it just becomes an instinct to do so.

Also featured is the Vemar VRX9 off road helmet. Available in a large array of graphics, including the Vemar "Night Vision" option. Light weight, great fit, and looks great on any head. Glowing in the dark or not.

Cafe Racer Magazine + AGV Sport Legacy Jacket Review

The Feb/March issue of Cafe Racer features a review of the AGV Sport Legacy leather jacket. The water repellent (also energy drink repellent...for real. We tested it!) cowhide Nubuck brushed black leather fits in perfect with that vintage and nostalgic look that make cafe racer's so damn cool. Pick up an issue of Cafe Racer and check out the review. Their magazine never disappoints.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

BMW Owners News + Forcefield "World's Best Back Protector"

World's best? We are just repeating how BMW Owners News magazine refers to the Forcefield Pro Sub 4 back protector in their February 2013 issue. (although we highly agree!) What makes the Forcefield Pro Sub 4 so amazing?

"The award winning Forcefield Pro Sub 4 back protector was designed to withstand greater impacts than any other back protector currently available."

"...Forcefield Pro Sub 4 back protector has RPT (Repeat Performance Technology,) ensuring continued and consistent protection even after multiple impacts." 

If you are going to invest into body armour, nothing else makes sense except for Forcefield.

BMW Owners News + New Products from Sidi and AGV SPORT

BMW Owners News Magazine features the Sidi Design Series New York riding shoe as well as the AGV Sport Canyon leather jacket in their January issue!

Autoweek Magazine + Vemar Jiano EVO TC Night Vision Helmet

The December issue of Autoweek magazine features a review of the Vemar Jiano EVO TC Night Vision helmet. Any review that mentions ice cream and hamburgers is bound to hit the nail on the head in discovering the unique features of the Jiano EVO TC, setting it apart from any other modular on the market.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

USA’s Sidi rider line up taking shape for 2013!

Motonation has been very busy the last few weeks securing the services of many of the top riders across the USA, no matter where they ride, what they ride or how they ride more and more pro’s cant seem to live without Sidi boots!

Off Road
  • Destry is back and is sure never to leave Sidi, see Destry Abbott at select events as well as the Endurocross series in 2013.
  • National Enduro Champion Steward Baylor and his punk little brother Grant will continue their long association with Sidi into 2013 and beyond.
  • 4X National Enduro Champion Russell Bobbitt may be on a new bike, a Husaberg, but he is still in the same boots, Sidi!
  • Kailub Russell had a great 2012 GNCC season and is determined to get the title in 2013 and would not dream to do it in any other boot than a Sidi!
  • Kurt Caselli remains very glad Motonation got him into Sidi’s many moons ago, he aint no dummy, he will be in Sidi again in 2013!
  • Cody Webb is the best bet to knock Taddy of his stride and he could not do it without the new Crossfire 2!
  • Thad Duvall will be back at the GNCC’s for his second year in Sidi’s…spoiled already Thad can’t even consider taking a step back.
  • Many time OMA and GNCC Champion Paul Whibley has agreed to be in Sidi thru 2014 plus this season the rest of the AMPRO team (Jesse Greomm and Jorad Ashburn) will join him, ‘cause to date they cant beat Paul and think it must be the boots, Sidi, so they joined the Sidi team!
  • Mexican National Enduro Champion, Homero Diaz will keep rolling in Sidi too.
  • Ivan Ramirez, Caselli’s protégé at KTM continue to wear Sidi in 2013.
  • Maria Forsberg, ladies X-Game gold metal winner and 2012 ladies GNCC Champion will naturally return in Sidi, the look and feel of her Crossfire 2’s is unmatched leaving her little choice….
  • Bobby Garrison may be one of the riders looking for a ride after Kawasaki’s team restructuring but he has no worries in regards to boots, he is a Sidi man and will remain one in 2013 and beyond.
  • Best in the Desert Champion David Pearson is one more top rider that will be back for 2013, good luck to David as he strives for the AMA Hare and Hound title for 2013!
  • Kyle Redmond seems to be able to ride his bike over anything but did ya ever notice that he didn’t do it as well till he got in Sidi??? Kyle did! So he will return in Sidi in 2013…what else could he do?
  • KTM’s Team RPM Racing’s riders will all be wearing Sidi yet again in 2013. Look for their top rider’s Bobby Prochnau and Kaci Martinez to turn heads both in the USA and in Canada as well.
  • Beta has tied its off road racing future to Purvines Racing’s strong team of riders and Purvines Racing has turned to Sidi to keep their guys safe and out front throughout 2013!
·         Derek Anderson, a hard working privateer will be looking to make main events in the Supercross Lites West Coast series and top 20 finishes in the 450 class as the series moves outdoors.
·         The JNA Racing team includes Dustin Hoffman and Broc Shoemaker. Two quality riders who deserve support, support Motonation is proud to supply in 2013.
AMA Flat Track
  • National Champion Jake Johnson will be making another title run in 2013, shod in Sidi!
AMA Road Racing
  • Garrett Gerloff is back on his feet and still in Sidi for 2013 as he takes another crack at the DSB series.
  • Kyle Wyman will be attacking the DSB series with a new team and is expecting podiums!
  • Stefano Mesa will also return for another go in the USA, naturally in Sidi….
  • Michael Barnes, a “SFL” rider (Sidi For Life) will be back to defend his 1st championship in Sidi.
  • Aussie, Jordan Burgess, will be back in the Superbike field in 2013 and would not dream of wearing anything but a Sidi….

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Vemar Eclipse Helmet tested by

There are riders who simply won't settle for motorcycle products which did not originate in Italy. This is understandable when you consider the reputation for performance, craftsmanship and style associated with all things moto italiana relativa. This can create a problem however, when the item in question is a helmet. The majority of Americans have heads that are oval-shaped, while Italian noggins run smaller front-to-back and narrower side-to-side. If you've ever tried to put on an Italian-made helmet and thought that your face was going to explode out of the eyeport, this is the reason. With the Eclipse, Vemar has given us a lid from Mother Italy that will actually fit American heads.

We'd been promised an Eclipse to test in February. It would be wearing the hot-looking Metha Black/White graphic. The first shipment didn't hit the California docks until mid-summer. We were more than excited by then but the wait was worth it! This helmet is a thing of beauty, featuring attention to detail that simply isn't apparent in pictures. For one example, the quick release mechanism for the faceshield is crafted from polished aluminum and is pretty as jewelry... click here to read the rest of the article!

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

SIDI Vortice, Dovizioso edition in Super Street Bike

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Davi Millsaps in Sidi Crossfires on the cover of Dirt Rider

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Vemar Storm helmet in CycleNews


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